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Trailer Trash TV

Reported by Ellen - February 23, 2007 -

Who cares that we may be on the brink of catastrophic war with Iran? Who cares that conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center are deplorable for the troops? Who cares that the prosecutor in the Scooter Libby trial said “there is a cloud over the Vice President… a cloud over the White House over what hapened?” Not "We Like America" FOX News. Last night (2/22/07) Hannity & Colmes upped their Anna Nicole Smith coverage to take up their entire show. Instead of news, we got a parade of loudmouths yelling about Anna Nicole’s trashy life, her trashy death and her trashy friends.

Some aging bottle blonde named Jackie Hattan, who admitted on MSNBC that she had done lots of drugs with Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern (and looked it), monopolized her chunk of the discussion while yelling that Howard K. Stern was responsible for Anna Nicole’s death. For the second time in two days, I found myself agreeing with Sean Hannity. This time it was over his incredulity at Hattan’s attempt to blame Stern for Smith’s drug use. Even more frightening, I found myself wishing he had confronted Hattan with his more aggressive interviewing techniques. Mostly, I wished he had told her to just shut up.

Can it be long before Howard K. Stern is linked to the Clintons somehow? Or will Bill Clinton be named as another possible father of the child?