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Fox's Chyrons Speak a Thousand Words

Reported by Melanie - February 23, 2007 -

Ann Coulter was a guest today (February 23, 2007) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Coulter is a frequent guest on Your World, Fox's "premiere business news" program, but this post isn't about Ann. It's about the wording of the chyrons Fox posted at the bottom of the screen during her interview.

The first chyron Fox put up read, "NBC-Owned Channel Asks: 'Are You Too Gringo?'."

Asman and Coulter talked about the Gringo thing for a few minutes, but for the most part the discussion centered around bashing NBC, BillO's new project; Asman and Coulter apparently felt the need to lend a hand.

Asman then moved on to the meat of the segment -- bashing Democrats -- surprise, surprise -- and Fox changed the chyron to, "Hillary Clinton is Asked if She'll Make Bill Clinton Secretary of State."

After the Bill-as-Secretary-of-State bashing, Asman and Coulter moved on to: "Hillary Clinton: Bill is the Most Popular Person in the World."

Next came, "Ann Coulter on Hillary, Obama and Dem Infighting."

After trashing Bill and Hill and Democrats, the discussion turned to John McCain and the "bad things" McCain said recently about George Bush. From there the discussion moved on to Rudy and Mitt and whether Republicans will support a pro-choice candidate and lo and behold, during all that, Fox's chyron read: "Ann Coulter on '08 Presidential Election."

Comment: When the talk is about Democrats the chyrons are about catfights. When the talk is about Republicans, they're oh so dignified. They're about the "'08 Presidential Election."