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Red Eye Conflates MoveOn Members With "Perverts and Arsonists"

Reported by Janie - February 22, 2007 -

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld and panel tackled the "hilarious" topic of virtual child pornography this morning, during which he conflated MoveOn members with "perverts and arsonists."

The popular website, Second Site, has caused a stir in the Netherlands, thanks to people having "virtual" sex with adults purporting to be children:

"Linden Lab's Second Life is an online digital world with almost three million 'residents' claimed by the company. Some areas of Second Life allow adult members to have virtual sex with others who pretend to be children."

Virtual child pornography is currently banned in the Netherlands, but not the act of virtual sex with virtual children.

"Today, at least four political parties in the Netherlands demanded a ban on virtual child porn roleplay."

Gutfeld introduced the segment on this topic, and during the conversation said, "Isn't it better to create an alternate universe where perverts and arsonists and people who belong to Moveon.org, can go and do these things without causing any problems?"

This blatantly offensive comparison is not worthy of a news station. To contact Red Eye about the slur, you can send an e-mail to redeye@foxnews.com