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O'Reilly Continues Harping On Obama Fundraiser

Reported by Deborah - February 22, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly and his media analysts, Jane Hall and Bernard Goldberg pondered the question " Are Democrats at War? After a quick re-hashing of the Clinton/Geffen/Obama conflict, O'Reilly just had to bring up his producer's silly attempted crashing of the Obama fundraiser. Although there was nothing much to say about the incident, O'Reilly continued speculating about the real reasons the press wasn't invited. 2/22/07

BOR asked Hall and Goldberg what they thought of him getting booted out of the fundraiser which was not true since it was his producer who thrust a camera into a very nervous hotel employee who informed him that no press was allowed.

Jane Hall brought the reality of the situation back into focus claiming that press is never permitted into fundraisers because nobody wants the cash flow involved revealed to the media. O'Reilly kept harping about how he tried to buy a ticket. " I had $2300. in ones," he quipped. Goldberg took the cue wondering what Obama has going for him besides being "new, different and fresh." Then giving BOR what he was looking for Goldberg added that maybe if Obama got over exposed, voters would see him as he really is.

Taking no chances that viewers hadn't gotten his message, he spelled it out.

"His handlers don't now if he's ready for primetime".

comment: O'Reilly had absolutely no basis for this conclusion which he sent out to potential voters. Just because his producer was asked to turn off his camera and stay in the lobby, not even asked to leave the hotel, O'Reilly managed to conclude that Obama's managers are afraid to let the media too close because they're hiding something.