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O'Reilly Compares Obama To Elvis

Reported by Deborah - February 22, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly claimed on Tuesday, 2/20/07, that he tried to buy a ticket to the Barack Obama fundraiser but they wouldn't sell him one, so last night, he ran a clip of his trusty producer, camera rolling, trying to gain access to the fundraiser anyway. What O'Reilly had portrayed as a slight aimed at him alone was actually a ban on all Press. That prompted BOR to come up with his "Elvis Theory" about Obama's campaign. 2/21/07

O'Reilly thinks Obama's campaign team is keeping him away from the press just like Elvis' managers. Of course, O'Reilly wanted to know what Obama is hiding from the press and couldn't understand why the press was kept out since Obama would just be there " bloviating".

BOR told viewers that Obama is running on only two issues , getting out of Iraq and "government funded" healthcare so he was suggesting that the campaign limited Obama's press time so the public wouldn't know his limitations.

O'Reilly claimed that although Obama can't sing like Elvis, he can speak. Then he made a big deal out of calling Obama "articulate" as if laughing at everyone who found that tag demeaning recently after the Biden incident.

comment: O'Reilly can't stand the fact that Obama won't come on his show so he'll be sending his producer to ambush and taunt the candidate every chance he gets. He figures if he was able to bully Oprah into inviting him on her show, why not use the same tactic on Obama.