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Wall-to-wall Anna Nicole on The Big Snorey

Reported by Chrish - February 21, 2007 -

No news today, folks - 60 solid minutes of boring courtroom coverage of a case people stopped caring about ten days ago. I'll say this for it, though - it's cheap! No need to pay investigative reporters, travel expenses, crew and related expenses, meals, per diem - nothing!

So what's NOT a big story, according to FOX?

Tony Blair to withdraw coalition troops from Iraq

CIA Leak Trial Jury in Deliberations

Horrific conditions at Walter Reed Veterans' Hospital

Iran Vows to Pursue Atomic Program on UN Deadline Day

Guilty plea accepted for soldier's role in Iraq rape and murder

Scarborough Smacks O’Reilly for Ignoring Iraq to Focus on ‘NBC Jihad’

America's Health Care Bill To Double In Next Ten Years

Surely there's something listed here that is more important than the circus surrounding a Playmate's death?

And yes, I know MSNBC and CNNHN and CourtTV carried it all too - I could just SCREAM! 24/7 cable news media is dead, lead like lemmings over a cliff by FOX News.