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Report on Nevada Caucus Turns into Bash Democratsapalooza

Reported by Janie - February 21, 2007 -

During last night's (2/20) Special Report, Campaign Correspondent Carl Cameron filed a report on the decision for Nevada to caucus earlier, and how politicians have begun campaigning there earlier due to the change. The report turned into another opportunity for Cameron to bash Democrats (including a sneaky little insinuation that Democrats are tied to gambling and prostitution) and to provide free air time to Mitt Romney's new campaign ad.

Cameron began the segment, by attempting to point out tension between the 2008 Democratic Presidential candidates (which to date, he has not done with the GOP candidates): "A blip in the polls, far behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden warned that his rivals lack experience to handle Iraq, Iran and global terrorism."

JB: "This is no time for on the job training, and I think I am best to…"

CC: "Casino lights flashing behind the presidential candidate as he courts NV caucus goers. Nevada, with it's legalized gambling and prostitution, has been chosen by the Democratic Party to caucus second in the nation after Iowa.

Comment: Cameron is desperately (and a bit pathetically) attempting to smear Democrats by making it seems as though Nevada was chosen to caucus early by the Democrats due to the legalized gambling and prostitution. Smooth one Cameron!

He continued, "A big candidate's forum is scheduled for Wednesday in Carson City, the state capital, to promote caucus participation. Obama visited Nevada Sunday, but he's skipping Wednesday's form."

Comment: In order to discredit Obama with Fox fans, Cameron chose to play not just a generic clip of Obama's speech, but one where he bashes the Iraq war.

BO: "We're in the midst of a war that should have never been authorized and never been waged."

CC: "The Illinois freshman Senator wrapping up a fundraising swing through next door California, which in addition to having the most nominating delegates, plans to vote early next February. Hillary Clinton is also en route to Nevada with the rest of the Democratic field, except of course Obama.

After 35 years, Biden's been in the Senate 4 times longer than Clinton and Obama combined. His Iraq proposal includes plans to stabilize the country as US troops pull out and he ridicules his rivals for focusing only on the withdraw.

JB: "They don't answer the political question, what next. What after we cut off funds. What next? What after we leave? What next? What after we limit the number of troops? What next?"

CC: "On the Republican side, an unprecedented early move for position. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has launched the first multi state ad blitz of the campaign, hoping to define himself on his own terms, by touching on both fiscally and socially conservative issues."

MR: "I believe the American people are over taxed and the government is overfed. I believe our laws should be written by the people, and not by unelected judges."

Comment: Cameron used the opportunity to play the ad for Romney, free of charge, during the segment - an perk usually not provided to Democrats.

Cameron finished, "But the question tonight is whether the people in Nevada are even paying attention to Presidential politics. Most of the Democratic field will participate in the Carson City forum, and the Democratic State Party has launched a massive PR blitz aimed at tuning in the public to next year's caucuses. Nevada goes historically early, and could potentially have big influence on the Democratic nominee. But it does face some turn out challenges. They'd like to see as much as 100,000 participate, but the last time it happened in 2004, only 8,000 turned out."

The segment, which seemed to initially be about the change in the Nevada caucus structure, quickly dissolved into just another segment aimed at attacking Democrats.