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Rachel Marsden Uses Homosexual Slur, While Red Eye Panel Claims Iraqi Insurgency Is Not "Homegrown"

Reported by Janie - February 21, 2007 -

After it was announced yesterday that British Prime Minister Tony Blair will begin withdrawing troops from Iraq shortly, Fox's Red Eye panel discussed the development during this morning's show (2/21) where the panel, which included "war correspondent" and filmmaker Pat Dollard, claimed the Iraqi insurgency is made up mostly of foreign fighters "which we've pretty much known all along", and is not "homegrown."

The segment began by discussing the decision by Blair. Panelist Rachel Marsden decided it would be appropriate to go after the leader of Britain's Conservative party, David Cameron because he's advocating withdraw, even though the withdraw was precipitated by Blair.

RM: "You know what? It's really hard to believe he's (Blair) on the left in Great Britain, and he's probably almost as far right as George W. Bush. It's the guy who's in charge of the conservatives now, David Cameron, that I'm worried about because he's a real limp-wristed academic..."

GG: "Are you insinuating something?"

RM: "Yeah, that he's a wuss."

Comment: "Limp-wristed" used in this derogatory manner is a smear against homosexuals - which I'm certain Marsden, and apparently Fox, have no problem with.

It is ironic however, that Marsden is praising Blair during this discussion who is actually withdrawing the troops from Iraq, but is attempting to denigrate another British politician that was simply advocating withdraw.

The segment on Iraq continued, with host Greg Gutfeld discussing General Petreus' 11 Point Plan for Victory in Iraq with "war correspondent" Pat Dollard.

GG: "What are some of the key things? So, you're talking about securing borders with Syria and Iran, which is kind of interesting, because that does say, you know, what we've pretty much known all along, that the bad guys are coming from another part of the world."

BS: "They're not homegrown."

GG: "They're not homegrown."

Dollard seemed ill at ease to go along with this false talking point, but did so anyway: "Exactly. Many of them are not. And even those that are homegrown are supplied from the outside. They wouldn't be effective without the weapons and the money being pumped in from Iran and Syria, and a lot of locals become insurgents because of the propaganda machine Iran and Syria have been able to interject in there."

Comment: In fact, Gutfeld - who claims "we've pretty much known all along" that insurgents in Iraq are coming from another part of the world - is either completely ignorant of the war in Iraq or is plainly lying to the audience. What's even further surprising is that Dollard, who spent a great deal of time in Iraq and risked his life for "freedom", went along with the lie.

The Iraqi insurgency is actually "homegrown", with only 10% of insurgents made up of foreign fighters. These numbers come from the U.S. government itself.

"Up to 3,000 foreign insurgents may be fighting in Iraq, but they remain a small part of the overall rebellion, a US military analyst has suggested...The figure is three times as large as unofficial Pentagon estimates, but may total no more than 10% of insurgents."

In just one short week, Red Eye has proven itself worthy of Fox News (rather than actual news), through lying, insulting homosexuals, and bashing liberals at every turn.