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Hannity And Discredited Anti-Muslim Extremist Do Their Best To Whip Up More Fear And Hatred

Reported by Ellen - February 21, 2007 -

Sean Hannity must have thought he hit the jackpot last night (2/20/07) with his discussion about Imam Abdul Alim Musa, an African American converted to militant Muslim who was on Hannity’s solo television show the previous Sunday. In just a few minutes, Hannity got to demonize an American Muslim, with bullyboy bonus points for the fact that Musa is black, highlight a tenuous connection to the Clinton administration and promote his TV show. He was aided and abetted by anti-Muslim extremist, presented as a "terrorism expert," Steven Emerson. But when pressed by Alan Colmes, Emerson could not provide any evidence Musa had ever committed a crime or posed any kind of real threat to the US. Updated with video.

Emerson has been discredited by FAIR both in terms of ethics and accuracy. Emerson, you may recall. tried to pin the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing on Muslims when he claimed the tragedy bore "a Middle Eastern trait" because it "was done with the intent to inflict as many casualties as possible." That was just his most famous error and display of bias. FAIR has catalogued what they describe as "a lengthy list of mistakes and distortions that mar his credentials as an expert on terrorism... A closer look at Emerson's career suggests his priority is not so much news as it is an unrelenting attack against Arabs and Muslims." Nevertheless, Emerson has become something of a regular on Hannity & Colmes lately. “Real journalism, fair and balanced” FOX News presented him last night, as usual, as an untarnished, unbiased expert. There was no other guest to offer an opposing view.

I’m skeptical of anything Hannity and Emerson say but I’ll grant that from watching the segment, Musa does indeed seem like an extremist. However, that does not automatically translate into a danger to America or Americans. That did not stop Hannity and Emerson from declaring it was so, without offering any proof.

“This is a very dangerous man in my view,” Hannity said.

“I agree wholeheartedly,” Emerson concurred. He has received funding from Clinton-hater Richard Mellon Scaife. So it’s not surprising that Emerson just happened to mention, apropos of nothing, that Musa had been to the White House in December, 2000 when guess who was president?

Emerson added, “(Musa's) dangerous, not because of the thoughts that he utters but because of the influence that he generates.”

Yet, when pressed by Alan Colmes, Emerson could not cite evidence that Musa has incited anyone to commit any illegal act. The only activities Emerson could point to were Musa's travel to Iran and the Sudan, possibly in violation of US travel restrictions. Emerson said, “I don’t know whether he has violated the (legal) restrictions in terms of traveling to those countries.” Emerson’s other “evidence” was: “I am not sure but I would bet you, Alan, that he might have directed monies to supporting the resistance in those countries because he’s been so supportive of Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Oops, time up.

“This guy’s very dangerous,” Hannity said before ending the segment.