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Bill O'Reilly and Oprah Winfrey Share Olbermann's Worse Persons Award

Reported by Deborah - February 21, 2007 -

Tonight Keith Olbermann gave O'Reilly and Oprah his Worse Persons Award asking what Oprah was doing having O'Reilly on her show as an expert on abused children without once mentioning the horrid treatment he had previously given to Shawn Hornbeck and his family.

Bill O'Reilly gave a powerful performance on Oprah today. Expressing outrage and sympathetic understanding for Shawn Hornbeck, he looked like the ultimate champion for abused children. Oprah praised him and the audience applauded with admiration. However, without an apology to Hornbeck and his family, O'Reilly's rhetoric was simply a performance, nothing more. 2/21/07