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Greg Gutfeld's Mom Is the Best Thing on Red Eye. FOX Sued for Trademark Infringement. Show to Be Renamed.

Reported by Marie Therese - February 20, 2007 -

The one "real" moment each night on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld occurs at the end of each show when Jackie Gutfeld, Greg's 80-something mother, files her "Senior" Correspondent report by phone from California. Her commentary has been disarmingly frank and charmingly unscripted, with some unexpected results. Last Friday night, for instance, when her son asked her if she'd watched any FOX News, she responded "Well, I didn't see too much because I was asleep. I mean, I get a little tired because I stay up until one o'clock to look at you guys and then I really have to take a nap all day long because it's been such a hard time." Not the kind of news the FOX News management likes to hear.

Later, when queried about which shows she'd watched, her comments got even more interesting. I remember thinking at the time that she might well have done her son's show serious damage because FOX News does not take to truth and honesty very well.

Here are some of the highlights:

GREG GUTFELD: What did you watch today in the news? We - I - you need to give me some news.

MRS. JACKIE GUTFELD: OK. Let me see. What did I watch? OK. Oh, you know this Nicole is still going on, where - about the burial and, you know, really, the poor woman is dead. Leave her alone.

GREG G: That's true. That's true. But they can't leave her alone. There's just too much, too much stuff goin' on.

MRS. G: Too much money involved, you know.

GREG G: Mom, you could probably take care of the baby.

MRS. G: Oh, sure! You know, I would love the baby but the baby'd have to take care of me.

GREG G: Yeah, that's true. You'd both be wearing diapers. (laughter) I'm just kiddin', mom.

MRS. G: Oh, isn't he darling?

GREG G: What else did you watch tonight - today - mom?

MRS. G: Pardon?

GREG G: What else did you watch on FOX?

MRS. G: Well, I haven't seen too much tonight. I don't know why. Um. Hmm. Oh, well, I tried. Oh, the airlines, the passengers should have a bill of rights.

GREG G: Do you agree with that?

MRS. G: Well, I don't necessarily think that we could have a bill of rights. I mean, we could be walking on the streets and get run over. I mean, you know, there are certain things you just can't, can't be - can't be, be - you know ...

GREG G: I hear ya' mom. You're right. I think we're gonna look at the clip of the elephant bumping into the van.

While speaking with his mother, Gutfeld aired a version of the following clip without the logos for CNN or Reuters. He had aired it earlier as the panel made fun of the attack.

GREG G: Did you see that, mom?

MRS. G: About the van?

GREG G: There's an elephant that was hitting - an elephant in Sri Lanka went crazy during a game of polo and destroyed ...

MRS. G: I didn't see that. No.

GREG G: You didn't see that? You would have loved it.

MRS. G: Oh, yeah. They're killing each other, huh? (much laughter from the panelists)

GREG G: No. (laughter) Alright. Alright, mom. I was great to talk with you. You should get some sleep. You sound tired.

MRS. G: Well, yeah, but I saw those three women that were all talkin' at the same time

GREG G: Like our show.

MRS. G: Yeah. It was ridiculous.

GREG G: The View? What's she - O'Reilly? Oh, O'Reilly. OK. OK.

MRS. G: It was kind of stupid. (more laughter)

GREG G: You just - you - you ... Alright, mom. We gotta go. Love ya'. Talk to you later.

MRS. G: The flowers are still blooming.

GREG G: OK. That's good. Alright. Whew! [When] we come back we're gonna read our viewer email and we're gonna check out what's in store for Monday's stories with Andrew Levy. Stick around. We'll still be here, crying.

You better believe Greg Gutfeld was crying. During Friday's show his mother committed the cardinal sin in FOXworld - she bashed The O'Reilly Factor, FNC's top cable show, calling it "ridiculous" and "stupid".

The three women Mrs. Gutfeld found so annoying were Michelle Malkin, who was subbing for Bill O'Reilly on the Factor that night, Democratic Strategist Julie Roginsky and Republican Strategist Kellyanne Conway.

By last night (Monday, January 19th), it was clear that Mrs. Gutfeld had an "attitude adjustment" over the weekend. (One wonders if her son made a frantic phone call to California on Saturday or Sunday to read his mother the riot act!) However, even with the coaching, this feisty lady still managed to embarrass her son - by singing the praises of a specific restaurant in that hotbed of anti-American radicalism - San Francisco, California!!

Here's the transcript.

GREG G: Time to talk to our FOX "Senior" Correspondent. My mother. Where are you, mom?

MRS. G (much more animated than the preceding Friday): Oh, hi. How are you doing? You feeling better?

GREG G: Yeah, I'm feeling better. I'm off the codeine.

MRS. G: Oh, my gosh. That's good news.

GREG G: Yeah, so I'm on my last day of antibiotics, so everything's cool. I want to talk to you about what you've been watching on FOX News today.

MRS. G (excited): Alright. Well, since looking at Dick Morris on - on ...

GREG G: How bad for you.

MRS. G: ... you know, talking about old Bill. I mean, if I see any more of those Clintons, I'm going to die!

GREG G: Well, don't say that, mom.

MRS. G: Oh, no, no, no, not quite yet.

GREG G: There they are, right there. (video clip of Bill & Hillary hugging)

MRS. G: I'll be here for a while. Anyway, it's sad, isn't it that they're gonna come back into town.

GREG G: Well, it's not possib - mom, in order for that to happen, Hillary has to win the Presidency and then he has to be appointed ...

MRS. G: Oh, I know, but ...

GREG G: ... so, so it's kind of a long - it's a ...

MRS. G: It's a long way back, huh?

GREG G: So what else have you been watching, mom?

MRS. G: Well, 'course they're still on Nicole and where her body is and who's the child's father. My lord, they're gonna have everybody from Washington or, you know, Lincoln who was the father.

GREG G: You think Clinton was the father?

MRS. G: Well - are you? (laughs) Oh, please. That would be the end of time, huh?

GREG G: Yes, it would be the end of time, I think. Well, did you go up -have you been watching O'Reilly?

MRS. G: Yeah. Oh, yeah, Well, he's still the same, too, He's still on the predator bit, which is OK, 'cause I - (excited) oh, but I have to tell you what I did last night!

GREG G: What was it?

MRS. G: I went to the Washington Street (sic) Bar & Grill in San Francisco and we had the most tremendous dinner. (panelists laugh) I have to tell you some of these things that I did.

GREG G: Wait. Are you - are you - did you just make a plug for a restaurant?

MRS. G: Oh, I wish I could. (more laughter)

GREG G: Who told you to say this? Is there - is there somebody next to you on the phone?

MALE VOICE (OFF SCREEN): She ate for free last night.

GREG G: Did you eat - did you eat for free last night, mom?

MRS. G: I'm getting - you know, I'm getting a plug in. Maybe a free dinner.

GREG G: That's what I just said. (more laughter)

MRS. G: No, no, no. What I have to tell you is, I mean, you know, my sister, I said my little sister is eighty years old and people look at me "Your 'little' sister?' but she was ....

GREG G: Alright.

MRS. G: They had a - they had a party for her at the Washington - oh, it is a great place.

GREG G; I understand, mom. You know what? We're gonna let you go now.

MRS. G: Yeah, I know. You want to shut me up. (louder laughter)

GREG G: Thank you for - uh ...

MRS. G: I won't take you to dinner anywhere!

GREG G: OK, mom.

MRTS. G: Alright.

GREG G: Alright. Thank you, mom.


What a joke this show is. As if things weren't bad enough, the Chicago Tribune filed for a permanent injunction against FOX News, claiming trademark violation.

In its February 14 complaint, Tribune says its five-year-old daily RedEye tabloid edition and the Fox show “contain nearly identical content” and “viewers are quite likely to assume that Fox and the RedEye products owned by Tribune are collaborating, thereby causing confusion.”

But the Tribune’s request for a temporary restraining order was converted to a motion for a preliminary injunction and set for hearing on February 26.

The company also seeks unspecified damages, including any profits from using the name.

Tribune’s suit noted that it has a “RedEye” segment on its own CLTV cable television program as well as a RedEye website, which could also be confused with a Fox News Red Eye website and a blog by host Greg Gutfeld, a former editor of men’s magazines. (Source: Chicago Business)

FOX News has admitted that they did not do a trademark search before airing the show. TVNewser reports that a "hearing is set for Feb. 26. FOXNews.com no longer calls the late-night show Red Eye; instead, it's titled 'Greg Gutfeld's Show.'"