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O'Reilly Factor becoming titillation central on FOX

Reported by Chrish - February 19, 2007 -

The Factor tonight 2/19/07 was wall-to-wall non-stories with an emphasis on sexually-themed segments - complete with looped video of "pertinent" graphics, of course. In fact, the only non-sex stories were about the Mt. Hood rescue (to provide the authoritarian lecture du jour) and yet another slap at NBC.

We got 11 minutes about the 17-year-old sentenced to ten years in jail for sex with a 15-year-old, a psycho-analysis of Britney Spears, a Republican call for registration of sex offenders' email addresses and IM IDs, and the late Robert Kardashian's daughter's sex tapes on-line.

In the Mt. Hood segment we got a little deja vu as return guest Matthew Weaver, former volunteer rescuer at Mt. Hood, again tried to educate O'Reilly to the realities of winter mountain-climbing. Again, O'Reilly would not hear Weaver, overtalking the expert and persisting in comparing mountain climbing to ocean swimming.

Weaver reminded O'Reilly that Oregon also does not have lifeguards on the beaches and that Mount Hood has two rangers and an all-volunteer rescue force. O'Reilly insisted that the rescues (four so far this year) cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Weaver denied this and sent viewers to The American Alpine Club website (which lists grants, insurance, expedition support. etc.) for the truth.

Weaver was resigned from the start, saying he didn't expect to get any farther with O'Reilly than last time. He reiterated his earlier points - the mountain is too big and resources too scarce to "close" it, and to O'Reilly's suggestion that we arrest people who climb when they're told not to, he rolled his eyes, (lol) laughed incredulously and said we have more serious things to be arresting people for than that. As Weaver explained that most expeditions leave at midnight or 1AM, and it would take millions to regulate alpine climbing, O'Reilly interrupted and said that was just excuse-making and brought up lifeguards again. There was more back-and-forth, O'Reilly calling it "crazy" and claiming their "investigation" found that it costs Oregon hundreds of thousands, but Weaver persisited in getting the website out there: The American Alpine Club website if anyone wants to be informed, and not just outraged and scared.

The NBC segment will have a seperate post.