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Muslim Cabbie Who Ran Over Two Students Becomes an Extremist, Islamofascist

Reported by Melanie - February 19, 2007 -

Early yesterday morning, a cab driver in Nashville, Tennessee named Ibrahim Ahmed picked up two college students. During their time in the cab, the two students and Ahmed allegedly argued about religion and after dropping the students off, Ahmed allegedly rammed the two men, injuring one of them and sending him to the hospital. According to Fox News, a co-worker "confirmed" that Ahmed is a Sunni Muslim from Somalia. There are several articles on the web about this but none of them provide much more information but that didn't stop Neil Cavuto from turning this story (February 19, 2007) into one of Islamofascists, Muslim extremists, and a terrorized media.

Opening the segment, Cavuto said the incident took place after a "heated argument over religion," (he did not use the word "allegedly") and he wondered, "where's the outrage? The story didn't even get that much press. My next guest is not at all surprised. She says extremist Muslims get a pass far too often."

With that, Cavuto introduced Minette Marin of The Times of London, but he didn't tell his audience that the The Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Marin said, "We've been soft on Muslim extremists in the last 20, 25 years with the result that things are getting rather worse," and she proceeded to talk about Muslim fundamentalists in Great Britain and Europe.

Cavuto, pushing the where's-the-coverage line said the story, "got very little press, I suspect mainly because the media doesn't even want to get into this whole idea of extreme Muslims and all of that or Islamofascists or any of these other code words for trouble, so they avoid it altogether." Marin said yes, "It's very frightening," and then she went on to talk about Salman Rushdie, Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch film director who was murdered in 2004, and the plot that was recently broken up in Great Britain to capture and behead a Muslim member of the British military.

Still on the topic of the media, Cavuto wondered if "the fear and the anxiety over even talking" about this is so great that "there would be hell to pay for the organization that does that?" Marin said she couldn't speak for the United States but in Great Britain "several writers said they did feel anxious." She mentioned a playwright she had talked to recently and the self-censorship Christopher Marlowe did back in the 16th Century (I kid you not).

With that, Cavuto signed off: "Marin, very interesting. We're gonna follow this because apparently no one else is."

Comment: When the goal is to make (and keep) people frightened and cowed, Fox will turn even the smallest morsel of information into a epic of terror that spans the centuries.