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Bill Maher Shows The True Fox News Network

Reported by Donna - February 17, 2007 -

Last night on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO, he had to take a shot at Fox News coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith story over the Global Warming issue.

Talking about President Bush's low poll numbers Maher said he's lost the confidence of the country and that he may have lost Fox News if you look at some of the coverage. He switched to a full screen of President Bush's press conference. He then showed the (made up) banners below the president on Fox News:

*America To Invade Iran: Yay!*

*Wonder If This Numbnuts Will Screw This One Up, Too.*

*Can't We Make John McCain President Now?*

*Barbaro Was Less Lame Than This Guy.*

*Speaking of Boobs From Texas...* (Showed a split screen with the president and Anna Nicole)

*Now This Is More Like It* (Showed videos of Anna Nicole Smith taking up three/fourths of the screen and the little square of the president getting smaller and smaller)

*She's Dead And Still More Interesting Than This Speech* (President Bush's video is now thumbnail sized and dissappearing)

Bill ended the segment by saying, "If you covered Anna Nicole Smith and didn't cover that Global Warming story , you can not call yourself a news service."

Comment: Once again, Bill puts it best.