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Who stays and who goes at FOX News

Reported by Chrish - February 16, 2007 -

To quote Steve Doocy, this is huuuge! Well, maybe not, but it is (to quote Arte Johnson) verrrry interesting.

Julie Banderas, posing as a media analyst on the O'Reilly Factor 1/30/07 said "NBC has lost over two million viewers since Peter Jennings stepped down. And then Tom Brokaw, his show has lost about, uh, I don't know, two million viewers." Peter Jenning died 8/7/05 and Brokaw retired 12/1/04.

Obama admitted to cocaine use "as did our current president, who admited to cocaine use, correct?" said Kiran Chetry. After Doocy and Napolitano interrupted, Chetry backpedaled, saying, "Who was it that said they witnessed him doing cocaine?" Still not getting any support from her co-hosts, Chetry gave up and the trio went on to paint Obama in as negative a light as possible. 1/3/07

So one is grossly ignorant of her topic and the other is off-message and brings up things better left unsaid. Guess which one showed up on CNN American Morning today?