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Julie Banderas Spins Congressional Passing of Iraq Resolution Into Partisan Blur For FOX

Reported by Deborah - February 16, 2007 -

Julie Banderas again proved the point that being really ignorant of current events is not a career ender on FOX, as Chrish posted yesterday. Today, still in for Gibson, Banderas also illustrated how this ignorance combined with unswerving allegiance to the FOX message keeps her on the payroll. After another mindless rehashing of the Anna Nicole saga, Banderas did a partisan report on Congress passing the Resolution on Iraq with help from Geraldo . A segment with Kirsten Powers followed where Banderas asked, " What was Nancy Pelosi's point?" 2/16/07

Banderas reported that the resolution had passed adding she would have more of that later after a report from Geraldo on the success of Operation Law & Order in Iraq. Geraldo spoke of the great progress made in two days with a group of soldiers grouped in the background. He showed clips of patrols walking the Baghdad streets and kids playing ball without fear and also delivered the very good news that no soldiers had been killed. Banderas asked him one probing question about violence and he revealed there had been 2or 3 car bombs. He acknowledged that seven civilians were killed but assured viewers that this was a big improvement.

Then Banderas gave Geraldo his cue asking how the troops reacted to the Resolution. Geraldo said "for the first time" they're aware of the political fighting and they're telling me, " Give us a chance to do our job." and " Let us finish this thing."

Banderas offered no information about the Iraq Resolution and certainly didn't mention that 17 Republicans had voted for it. When Kirsten Powers appeared, Banderas described the Resolution as a "Democrat rejection" and expressed concern about the message it would send to the troops. " Those guys must be bummed out," she told Powers.

Powers tried to explain that 63% were against the surge offering Banderas some more information but Banderas wasn't concerned with the workings of a Democracy and indignantly declared, " If you believe the President is the Commander in Chief , you would vote no." Later she asked Powers, " What was Nancy Pelosi's point?"

comment: Banderas pulled off the perfect FOX delivery. There was no pesky information to allow viewers to interpret the situation objectively. The Democrats were portrayed as insensitive to the troops. The surge, now re branded Operation Law & Order, was hailed a great success already yet the Democrats still "reject" it. Of course there was the " respect authority" jab thrown in for good measure, in case there are some real old fashioned FOX fans watching. The most hideous distortion was making Nancy Pelosi the unpatriotic mastermind. If Banderas really gave a damn about her country and our dedicated troops, she would do a better job reporting the facts or just stick with Anna Nicole.