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Oh, Those San Francisco Values! The City by the Bay Accused of Protecting Assailants Because They're Marines

Reported by Marie Therese - February 15, 2007 -

As everyone knows, FOX News has spent a lot of time and energy painting the City by the Bay as the epicenter of anti-military sentiment in the United States. Over and over and over again, various hosts have shouted, snickered, spit out and smirked the words "San Francisco values," implying San Francisco does not support the military. Well, today there is evidence that FOX News in general and Sean Hannity in particular got it all wrong.

To refresh your memory, last New Year's Eve a Yale University all-male a cappella group, Baker's Dozen, were singing at a private party. After they sang the National Anthem and were leaving the party, they were set upon and viciously assaulted by a gang of men. One of the singers, Sharyar Aziz, Jr., had his jaw broken. Aziz appeared twice on Hannity & Colmes to discuss his story.

At the time Sean Hannity pontificated and fumed, excoriating San Francisco as a city inhabited by decadent individuals who so hated America that they would do nothing when singers were attacked for merely singing the National Anthem. With great bombast, Hannity claimed that the SFPD was protecting local punks and, outraged at the fact that the police department was dragging its feet, he offered a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the capture of the assailants.

At the time I reported that, even early on, Hannity had it backwards. Local media accounts suggested that the attack was motivated not by anti-Americanism but by homophobia.

The right wing echo chamber picked up Hannity's talking point about the national anthem and ran with it.

In an embarassing twist for Sean Hannity, three days ago the Fog City Journal reports that "Contrary to the notion the assailants were released at the scene for a lack of evidence, there has been growing speculation they were released after allegedly telling SFPD officers they were enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and were due to leave the U.S. on a tour of duty."

In the absence of action by the San Francisco Police Department, attorney Jim Hammer, who regularly appears on Greta van Susteren's show and represents Aziz and fellow singer Evan Gogel, wrote a letter to Lt. General Blackman, informing the General of the alleged charges against Lance Corporal Marino Peradotto: "Through discussion with San Francsico law enforcement authorities, we know that at least one witness has identified LCpl. Peradotto as one of several men who violently kicked Evan Gogel in the head and body while Evan was curled up on the ground in the fetal position."

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that there may be two additional Marines involved in the attack.

Hammer said that police have been "stymied in their efforts'' to contact the Marine after he was sent overseas to Japan following the incident.

"Because of the serious nature of these assaults, I am writing to ask your help in initiating a criminal investigation...and provide whatever assistance you can to San Francisco authorities so that they can interview him in connection with their investigation.''

The letter asserts that while there "is already more than enough evidence'' to charge the Marine with felony assault, the District Attorney's Office has not acted.
In a prepared statement, District Attorney Kamala Harris said: "I completely understand the frustration of the victims and the families. But, a rush to judgment does not serve justice. I'm optimistic that the San Francisco Police Department will complete the investigation soon. Once they're done, my office will take action."(Source: SF Chronice)


Sean Hannity should schedule a follow-up segment in order to rectify his erroroneous reporting on this subject.

Here's his contact information. Why not drop him a line (and FOX News as well) demanding he set the record straight?



Now. how about Greta? She runs the crime reporting show on FOX: