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NBC Refuses To Give Bill O'Reilly List Of Paid Analysts

Reported by Deborah - February 15, 2007 -

Tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly did his best to keep his attack on NBC going but it seems to be running out of steam and at this point he's looking pretty foolish. Tonight during his weekly segment press segment with Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall, O'Reilly announced that NBC had refused to give him a list of their paid analysts. BOR tried to make a big deal over it but it was so hopelessly irrelevant that even Goldberg had trouble coming up with a supportive response and Jane Hall gave him a reluctant pat on the back probably sensing his desperation.

O'Reilly wants to believe that his campaign against William Arkin and NBC caused the network to lose 400,000 viewers to ABC last week. This is proof to him that he is the all powerful media watchdog exposing NBC's dangerous tilt to the left. Obviously O'Reilly wanted to investigate everyone on the NBC list for anything he could use for future smears. So it's no surprise that NBC and CBS refused the request.

Goldberg made his obligatory response saying he was "puzzled" that NBC and CBS refused."What are they hiding?" adding they " expect transparency from everyone else."

O'Reilly had briefly mentioned his ratings theory earlier and then did a rehash of the whole Arkin thing. Bernie Goldberg bolstered him with acknowledgement of the ratings dip but Jane Hall wasn't so easy to please.

Hall said it was good that he pointed out the comments that Arkin made on the Washington Post blog reminding viewers that Arkin's comments were not on NBC. She then sternly admonished BOR for his treatment of David Gregory yesterday. Of course, Bill claimed that all he did was repeat Gregory's question.
Then as if sensing that Bill needed a hug said she thought he was having an effect which seemed to please him.

comment:Poor Bill-O is having a bad day after the announcement that Keith Olbermann will be around for 4 more years and isn't that what this NBC campaign is all about. When he complains that the network has tilted left, he's talking about MSNBC with Olbermann, Matthews and even Scarborough. They're doing to him what he has been doing to everyone for the last ten years. NBC took away his free pass and now the watchdog is being watched. That far left karma can be tricky business .