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Geraldo Rivera's PSYOPS-Like Report From Baghdad: Supporting Bush's Give it "a Chance" Plea

Reported by Melanie - February 15, 2007 -

Yesterday during his midday press conference, George Bush pleaded with congress and the American people to give his Iraq troop surge "a chance." "A chance" was the operative phrase, and today (February 15, 2007) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, "a chance" was the operative phrase in a live report from Baghdad by Geraldo Rivera in a segment that looked like it was produced by the PSYOPS office at the Pentagon or scripted by Dick Cheney himself.

Immediately after opening his show Cavuto went to Geraldo, who was dressed entirely in black, including a crumpled, black, cowboy hat. Geraldo was standing outside, in the dark, in the rain, backed by a row of uniformed troops. The chyron at the bottom of the screen read: "Geraldo Rivera With the Troops at Camp Victory, Iraq."

Geraldo said today was the "third consecutive day of Operation Law and Order" and it's "going forward at a pace." The troops have been, "working with the newly reorganized Iraqi security forces." They've been "patrolling neighborhoods, they've been providing security, searching, clearing various troubled parts of [inaudible] this town." He said, "It's the largest division, Neil, we have ever fielded overseas and they are disrupting insurgent activity. They are denying the extremists the safe haven these neighborhoods have previously provided."

The chyron at the bottom of the screen changed to, "U.S. Troops React to War Debate at Home," and Geraldo turned to the troops standing behind him and asked the first one what he thought of the surge:

- "I think it's an essential operation to accomplish our mission here in Iraq and get the troops home to their families."

Turning to the remaining troops, Geraldo asked, "What do you think about the debate though, going on in congress?"

- "I think the people back home should just support our troops more and have faith in our chief, in our commander."

- "I think it's a necessity and if they would untie our hands a little bit more we could get the job done even better."

- "I think actually this is a very, very essential part of the operation and I don't think anybody wants to leave here before our job is done."

- "I think it would be good if they let us take the gloves off and get done a lot faster but the surge would be good."

- "I think it is a great idea. We just need to continue to crackdown."

Geraldo continued: "So, Neil, I just wanted to give you a little bit of what I perceive to be the feeling from 90% of the troops out here, at least. These guys want the chance to get this job done and that's the message they're all sending to Washington. [...] The fact of the matter is, for the first time, they now have, in the city of Baghdad, enough troops to get this job done."

"The soldiers are asking only Neil -- the buzz here in Baghdad -- give them the chance to curtail the violence. They can do it if Washington will give them that chance Neil."

Comment: They psyops office at the Pentagon or Dick Cheney? Or both?