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FOX News Footage Just Right For Dick Morris’ Anti-Hillary Clinton “Swiftboat” Movie

Reported by Ellen - February 15, 2007 -

Another week, another Hannity & Colmes session with Hillary-hater Dick Morris promulgated as a neutral pundit offering fair and balanced commentary on Clinton’s presidential candidacy. This week, there was a three minute video purporting to be a look at Clinton’s “evolving” position on Iraq. “We decided to take a look at what she really said when she cast that vote and what she’s saying now,” Sean Hannity said by way of an introduction. It implied that the video was an impartial investigation. That was confirmed by the fact that it did not impinge on Hannity’s time with Morris. Morris was so pleased with the footage that he started giggling and said “I’ve gotta get that footage” for his forthcoming, anti-Hillary “swiftboat” movie. How far and balanced can you get?

Less so, actually. Not counting the film footage, Hannity got a minute more time than Colmes in the first of two sessions with Morris. In the second, Colmes played his own footage of Bush flip-flopping on Iraq and Osama bin Laden. That video took a little under a minute but it seemed to count toward Colmes’ time. He got two minutes with Morris, while Hannity had three. However, in my view, what it lacked in quantity was made up for in quality.

Morris must have it in his contract with FOX News that he’ll appear at least once a week on Hannity & Colmes to slam Hillary Clinton. Otherwise, what’s the reasoning behind putting him on week after week, night after night, saying essentially the same thing – that Clinton is a political opportunist? A president getting an extra-marital blow job is one thing but it’s hard to imagine that a campaigning senator’s changed position on the war in Iraq is enough to sustain an audience’s interest over the next two years.

Nevertheless, Morris was almost giddy with malicious anticipation after he saw the clips of Clinton. “I gotta get that footage for the movie that I’m doing on Hillary,” he giggled. “I’ve gotta put it in there.”

Colmes’ video showed Bush’s "wanted dead or alive/I truly am not that concerned about him" flip-flops on Osama bin Laden along with other conflicting statements on the war in Iraq. “We’ve heard ever changing rationales for why we’re there and they’re the guys running the war,” Colmes said. “Shouldn’t we have a little more consistency from the person running the war, the Commander in Chief?”

Morris replied, “Yeah, well, when the facts change, you change your opinions.”

Translation: It’s OK when Bush does it, not OK when Clinton does it.

Morris claimed that he didn’t care so much that Clinton flip-flopped, per se, “but why she took the original positions she did and why she’s taking the position she’s taking now.” He claimed that the only reason Clinton voted for the war was a political calculation and the only reason she’s now speaking out against it is because the political climate has changed. He must have a crystal ball into her soul. Because I’m pretty darn sure Clinton didn’t confide any of that to him. Either that or the “general rule” FOX News Senior Vice President John Moody spoke of recently, “which is to know what you are talking about” doesn’t apply to Morris.

When it was Hannity’s turn again, he insisted Bush is “The one guy that has been consistent (on Iraq) and I didn’t really hear anything in Alan’s tape that was inconsistent at all.”

Hannity moved on to slam Congress over the troop resolution which he called the “Embolden Our Enemies Act.”

But Morris’ sights were fastened on Clinton. He skirted the troop resolution and went back to her. “There is almost no issue on which Hillary has not moved over the last six years,” Morris said.

Parts 1 and 2 below.

Funny how there is never any discussion on Hannity & Colmes about McCain’s or Giuliani’s flip-flops.

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