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Did FOX News Distort Laughlin Bridge Story? I'm Shocked, Shocked, Shocked.

Reported by Ellen - February 15, 2007 -

Several weeks ago, Sean Hannity's solo TV program, Hannity's America, aired a supposedly neutral investigation by FOX News reporter William La Jeunesse into a bridge project in Laughlin, Nevada. La Jeunesse not-so-subtly implied on the "we report, you decide" network that the bridge was a piece of useless pork whose real purpose was to increase the value of Democratic Senator Harry Reid's nearby land. It turns out that the Town Manager of Laughln is mad as hell about the reporting which she said "focus(ed) and report(ed) supposition rather than fact."

As the Mohave Daily News reported,

Town Manager Jackie Brady has led the detailed and fierce responses to Sean Hannity's Jan. 7 broadcast over the Fox News network in which he attacked claims Laughlin and Bullhead City need a second bridge over the Colorado River.

In a series of replies the town manager concluded, “The story's flawed reporting included at least five factual errors, misleading statements and erroneous conclusions.”

Brady said, “... about a half-dozen separate reports show that we need another bridge and more recently, and in fact, three more bridges.”

...She said Hannity misled viewers by claiming proponents used the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as a pretext to secure support for the new bridge. “The fact is, a second bridge has been needed for the last 15 years, and the (post Sept. 11, 2001) detouring of at least 2,000 trucks a day across the one Laughlin Bridge simply increased the need for another bridge,” she said...

...The town manager noted Hannity's crews filmed the Laughlin Bridge during a low-traffic period, then he called it the busiest time of the year. “Having little traffic on and around the Laughlin Bridge is an exception and not the rule. In fact about 97 percent of the 4 million annual visitors to Laughlin drive in,” she explained.

Think the "fair and balanced" network will respond to these allegations or acknowledge that there might be another side to their story?

I report, you decide.