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David Gregory Takes Turn As NBC Bad Guy On FOX News

Reported by Deborah - February 15, 2007 -

David Gregory, NBC, was O'Reilly's pic last night because of a question he asked George Bush at the news conference yesterday, 2/14/07. BOR didn't seem to have a problem with the content of the question. He just didn't like Gregory's phrasing. The whines about Gregory continued this morning on Fox & Friends.

At the Presidential News Conference yesterday, Gregory asked Bush this question.

"Critics say you are using the same quality of intelligence about Iran that you used to make a case for war in Iraq, specifically about WMD that turned out to be wrong, and that you are using that to make a case for war in Iran."

O'Reilly didn't like the term " critics say" claiming that NBC was the critic and thought Gregory was "sneering" so he changed the wording of Gregory's question.

" In the light of the screw-up with WMD in Iraq can you convince the people to support military action in Iran?"

Then O'Reilly immediately commented that Bush had a credibility problem to overcome. It's hard to say what the distinction he thought there was between his stance and Gregory's.

This morning the same clip of Gregory appeared on F&F. This time they commented that NBC had made a business decision to tilt to the left.