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President Says There's No Proof Weapons In Iraq Came From Highest Level Of Government In Iran, Military Leaders Say Otherwise

Reported by Donna - February 14, 2007 -

Three times during Studio B today they put up the saying 'President Bush Says Iran Is Providing Weapons To Iraq' but each time Fox said the president stopped short of saying that these weapons were coming from the top leaders in Iraq. In fact, they said the president was saying there is no proof that the weapons came from the highest level of government in Tehran.

Earlier in the week it was reported by fellow News Hound, Judy, that Fox & Friends were saying there was proof. I also reported on this when Fox brought in an expert and said that there was no doubt the weapons came from Iran.

There seems to be a confusing message being sent out by the Bush Administration. What the American people would like to know is when can we trust intelligence reports and reports put out by this administration when the president is now backpeddling on the word 'proof?' He's also backpeddling on who, exactly, is providing these weapons.

Comment: Even Fox seemed to sense the confusing message and tried to clear it up, but I'm afraid all they did was make the waters muddier. As Bush once said, "Fool me once...."