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In Contrast To Biden, FOX News Jokes About Obama Being Smelly

Reported by Ellen - February 14, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes previewed a segment from FOX News’ upcoming comedy show, a conservative take-off of The Daily Show. The segment they previewed just happened to be full of jokes that repeated nearly all the smears (except for the one about the madrassah) FOX News has been hyping since Obama leapt into the limelight. But in a shocking (to use one of FNC’s favorite terms) contrast to Joseph Biden’s controversial remarks about Obama being clean, FOX joked about a new magazine called “BO, Barack Obama magazine.” With video.

First, the “satire” smeared Obama over his drug use. “As a teenager, he sometimes used cocaine,” the announcer said, sending his approval ratings among Democrats “plummeting to an all-time low of 99.9 percent. But, in a related story, Senator Obama has just been endorsed for president by former Washington D.C. mayor, Marion Barry.” Peals of laughter were heard in the background.

Next came jokes about Obama’s middle name. “According to the latest polls, only eight percent of Americans are bothered by the fact that Obama’s middle name is Hussein. However, almost two-thirds of voters were disappointed to learn that his nickname in college was ‘Gassy.’”

Then, came the “exciting new publication… BO, Barack Obama Magazine.” One of the most prominently placed headlines on the mock issue was “About that ‘Hussein’ Thing.” The announcer said, “Each issue of Barack Obama Magazine contains articles like ‘A Life In Politics: My 18-Month Journey.”

Comment: Is it just me, or is the BO joke as racially insensitive as Biden’s “clean” remark? One of the other News Hounds thinks it’s just juvenile but I think it’s worse.

I report, you decide.

Note: Marie Therese has a third take on this preview in her post.