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FOX News Channel Bombs With Comedy Show

Reported by Ellen - February 14, 2007 -

That's not my headline, but that of the Orlando Sentinel regarding FOX News Channel's new "comedy" program, The 1/2 Hour News Hour (even the name is stupid). A few other choice excerpts from the review by Hal Boedeker: Fox News Channel does not know how to do slashing comical commentary... (The show) is a botch... If we're lucky, we'll never hear of this dreadful show again.

Hannity & Colmes featured another preview of the "comedy" tonight. I fear I'll be subjected to this for the rest of the week.

Tonight's preview featured Rush Limbaugh as president in 2009. He "joked" that his opponent, Howard Dean, had finally gone to a mental institution. His Vice President was Ann Coulter. The "fair and balanced" canned audience cheered wildly when she appeared. Coulter seemed sober but she delivered her lines so woodenly that one almost wished she had downed a few or dropped a few or snorted a few or whatever might float her otherwise uncomedic boat. She did have one funny line. After Limbaugh told viewers to stay tuned, she said, "And if you don't we'll invade your countries, kill your leaders and convert you to Christianity." Too bad she couldn't deliver it with any levity.

Boedeker wrote: At the top, Rush Limbaugh puts in a cameo as the U.S. president (the year is 2009); Ann Coulter drops in as his vice president. Then they disappear, a smart move.

I predict this show won't be around too long, either.

You can watch the clip here. (H/T to reader The Other Dan)