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Bill O'Reilly Chalks Off John Edwards

Reported by Deborah - February 14, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly proudly put another notch in his belt declaring John Edwards finished. Calling Edwards "arrogant" for standing by the two bloggers working on his campaign, he claimed that Edwards only did something after " critical mass" had been reached and by then "it was too late". From his throne at the center of the universe, O'Reilly patted himself on the back for the recent Edwards hit job until his guest, Jane Fleming, offered some perspective.

O'Reilly announced in his Talking Points that " within minutes" of his talking points, Amanda Marcott resigned and soon after Melissa McEwen was " shown the door". O'Reilly added that he gave Edwards a chance to set the record straight but Edwards response was a " middle digit".

Jane Fleming supported Edwards for showing leadership by not folding under pressure and held William Donahue responsible for the smear campaign. She added that the two women had been harrassed and threatened. O'Reilly couldn't have cared less making a nasty comment about them being " victims".

Of course, Bill O'Reilly had no intention of humanizing Marcotte and McEwen who he portrayed as vicious bigots. Here is Amanda Marcotte's announcement of leaving the Edward's campaign posted on Pandagon

Fleming tried to expose Donahue but BOR pretending he was protecting Donahue sounded like he just wanted all the credit. " He only fired them when we got involved" However, neither Marcotte or McEwen were fired. Here is Mellissa McEwen's statement about leaving the Edwards campaign posted on her blog Shakespeare's Sister.

comment: Bill O'Reilly may think he's won some sort of victory but he's wrong. Bill O'Reilly and his vicious hate squad only look uglier now if that's possible.