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A Republican Talks About Impeaching Bush on Fox News

Reported by Melanie - February 14, 2007 -

Dana (global warming could be caused by "dinosaur flatulence") Rohrabacher (R-CA) was a guest today (February 14, 2007) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. George Bush has pushed some Republicans, including Rohrabacher, to the point of talking about impeachment, but not for the myriad reasons that would spring to mind for most people on the planet.

With a graphic over his shoulder that read "Impeachment Threat," Cavuto introduced Rohrabacher:

Welcome back everyone. You know those two border patrol agents doing jail time for shooting an illegal alien? Now all of a sudden things are getting complicated. We told you that one of them was very badly beaten by inmates. We've had a number of lawmakers on this show urging President Bush to pardon these guys but now, my next guest is taking this to a whole other level. Dana Rohrabacher says that he'll push to impeach the President if these agents end up killed in prison. Is that really true Sir?

Rohrabacher appeared on screen over this chyron: "Rohrabacher: Impeach Pres. Bush if Jailed Border Agents Killed," and said,

Well, actually, my specific wording was that if one of these agents is murdered in prison, especially after one of them was beaten severely, that there would be talk of impeachment on Capitol Hill which, of course, expresses the magnitude of the distress and the outrage over this case.

Comment: I hope no more harm comes to either of the two border agents but my god, incredible isn't it that this is what riles Republicans - and Fox News - such that they use the "i" word for the first time?