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Joe Kennedy Puts the Kibosh on Fox's Cheap Political Ploy

Reported by Melanie - February 13, 2007 -

Yesterday Neil Cavuto opened his "business news" show with a segment featuring Republican congressman Connie Mack (FL). Mack zeroed in on Joseph P. Kennedy II and his Citizens Energy Corporation, which provides low cost heating oil to poor Americans, for buying oil from Citgo and thus, Mack asserted, supporting Venezuela's "dictator," Hugo Chavez. Here's my post about it and here's a hilarious but informative take on Connie Mack.

As Cavuto promised yesterday, Joseph Kennedy appeared on Your World today (February 13, 2007) albeit during the fourth segment, to "defend" his position. He was fantastic. I must admit that in one way Cavuto was too: Aside from interrupting Kennedy during "sensitive" spots, like when he tried to talk about Bush's attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government and about the Saudi connection to 9/11, Cavuto actually let him talk!

Here are some highlights:

Kennedy said Mack has "every right" to "call for an embargo of Venezuelan oil," he just thinks that, "it's interesting that the one organization that he's chosen to put in his gun sights is a little non-profit that is helping some low income people...get some badly needed heating aid. Heating aid," he added, which Mack, "voted ...a 44% cut in the U.S. federal government's program to assist poor people this last year." Kennedy said, "lots and lots of major companies" import oil from Venezuela.

Kennedy said he understands, "exactly what Hugo Chavez has stood for." He said he has been "very critical of the kind of personalized politics that have been a hallmark of the relationship between he and President Bush," but, "you can't have it both ways. So you can't just say that one non-profit...should stop taking that [Venezuelan] oil, but ExxonMobil, Shell, or BP or Halliburton...should be able to continue to operate because they're making money." Kennedy said if we're going to do that, "we should say let's stop importing all Venezuelan oil. That's 558 million barrels of oil a year."

At one point Cavuto quoted Chavez: "'It is in decay,' America is. He said of capitalism: 'It is a vast relic, the heap of which Venezuelans will dance on.' That doesn't sound like a friend of the U.S." Kennedy replied that China is the "largest avowed communist nation on this planet," but we bought "almost $400 billion worth of goods from them last year. We don't care about that. That's not what's at work here. What's at work here is a cheap ploy to try to get some publicity. That's all this is about."

You're so right Joe Kennedy. You're so right. And you can thank cheap Fox News for giving Mack a platform for his cheap ploy.

In case you're interested in seeing either, or both, of these segments, here's Mack's, and here's Kennedy's.