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Does Fox Use Studio B As Stepping Stone For Other Programs?

Reported by Donna - February 13, 2007 -

I often wonder if Studio B is used as a stepping stone to set off stories for their other shows. Today they had a segment on Bank of America's intention to give credit cards to illegal immigrants.

The story said that Bank of America would be starting this program where illegal immigrants with a bank account could actually apply for credit cards. Is this the start of outrage for latter programs on Fox?

When the story was told you found out that the credit card would cost a service fee of $99 and would only be a credit limit of $500 and the interest would run around 20%. So, it's not exactly doing illegal immigrants a favor. It was said during the segment that everything that Bank of America was doing was under Homeland Security regulations.

Comment: Just wondering if Studio B is used as a stepping stone for other shows. Sure enough, towards the end of the program, Smith said Cavuto would have more on this story. Was this story just presented to encourage rage at illegal immigrants?