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Big Story segment paints Democrats as biggest Obama critics

Reported by Chrish - February 13, 2007 -

Big Story host John Gibson had FOX Political Analyst Kirsten Powers on today 2/13/07 to discuss presidential candidate Barack Obama's recent poor choice of words and subsequent apologies, comments his wife has made in his defense, and his qualifications in general.
Video coming.

Obama said that soldiers' who have been killed in Iraq lives were "wasted." In an interview immediately following that speech, he apologized "Even as I said it, I realized I had misspoken." Later, in a different venue, he said "I was actually upset with myself when I said that, because I never use that term."

Gibson began by immediately talking down about Obama, asserting that he is "learning" that a presidential run "isn't as easy as it might look." Gibson alluded to his big slip of the tongue (his emphasis) and said his wife is blaming "what amounts to a vast left-wing conspiracy" for attacks against Barack.

Under a graphic that read "Standing by her man" (shades of Hillary Clinton, anyone?) he put up quotes from Michelle Obama that said rivals (no mention of party) have said he is not experienced enough, he is too young, he's not black enough, he's not white enough... Gibson proclaims all of a sudden the Senator who walks on water has soggy socks, and turned to Powers with another false claim, that several weeks ago it was thought impossible for Obama to make any misstep. Powers quickly denied that she ever said that and deftly defended his poor choice of words noting his immediate apologies.

The next goofy graphic, titled Obama the Rising Star, asked the Cavutoesque question Is he ready for the big time? Gibson further belittled the Senator by asking if he keeps putting his foot in his mouth, can he still "play with the big boys"? Powers replied that he couldn't do it constantly, but the big issue is how he responds to it. She claimed he's gotten a free ride so far, he was the "new, shiny person that everybody loved." (Comment: After witnessing the uproar over calling him articulate, I wonder how "shiny" is going to go over.) Now, she says, people are going to criticize and we'll see how he responds to it.

Moving on to Obama's wife, Gibson took the opportunity to repeat the criticisms that were on the screen and read aloud a scant minute earlier, drilling them in for the third time. He asks Powers "Is this her version of Hillary Clinton's 'vast right-wing conspiracy'? These are nothing but leftists, saying these things." Powers defended Mrs. Obama, saying her reactions are normal and reminding Gibson that Barbara Bush called Geraldine Ferraro a "rhymes with witch." (Interesting to note that her reaction is to viciously attack.)

At this point the chyron read "Michelle Obama blames left-wing conspiracy for attacks."

Here are two classic FOX tactics: the drill, drill, drill and the projection. We've been blogging FOX-Obama hit pieces for two months now, and much of the doubt and aspersion comes from none other than the "fair and balanced" "news" network themselves.

Reader SteevK posted this comment last week: "Years ago, I read a site by Franklin Mancuso, on the Blip & Drip news delivery system: whatever the RW wants to bury gets a single blip (maybe at3AM), while a story they want to push gets the drip treatment - day after day repetition. Also LWF (lest we forget) segments whenever they want to ressurect the spin. "