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Thoughtful Commentary From Greg Kelly On Big Story

Reported by Deborah - February 12, 2007 -

Greg Kelly took over for John Gibson today on Big Story and the show was painfully predictable. Then in the last few minutes Greg Kelly did the My Word segment which took an unexpected twist near the end. 2/12/07

Kelly began by discussing the excessive coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death including himself in the criticism. Then he touched on the " fame" issue which is what Gibson talked about in Friday's My Word. My eyes started to glaze over but Kelly got my attention with this:

"According to the Department of Defense, 20 United States Marines, soldiers and sailors died in Iraq last week. Most of them much younger than Anna Nicole, who at 39 died way before her time. Now in war, people die. We know that. The troops know that. But how many of us who don't have a personal relative or friend fighting over there can recall the name — just the name — of a U.S. service member killed in the war last week, or last month, or last year. I'm ashamed to say when I thought of this my mind drew a blank.
We all support the troops. Just sometimes, like on Anna Nicole Friday, it's hard to tell."

comment: Kelly must realize that it's hard to tell that Fox News ever supports the troops. Sure there's incessant blather about how the troops are being harmed by the evil left. But does Fox ever mention the daily death toll or personalize the soldiers? The one exception is Alan Colmes who faithfully recognizes the soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afganistan on his radio show. Kelly knows it's the right thing to do but will he do it again? I seriously doubt it.

Greg Kelly's My Word