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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of February 5th

Reported by Janie - February 12, 2007 -

Julie Banderas won last week's Outrageous Quote for her appearance on The O'Reilly Factor, where she showed just how little knowledge she has of the media industry:

"NBC has lost over two million viewers since Peter Jennings stepped down and then Tom Brokaw, his show has lost about, I don’t know, two million viewers." - 1/30/07

For this week's juicy selection, take a look below the jump!

Option A: "Now, juxtapose Hillary Clinton. I doubt we're going to see a similar spread with Bill. So, is that kind of problem for her? She's been described as, one Democrat described her as having a great intellect but no heart." - Gregg Jarrett discussing the Harper's Bazaar layout with Rudy Guiliani and his wife, Fox On Line, 2-8-07

Option B: "People are going to remember how charming he is and she's not." - Fred Barnes discussing Hillary Clinton campaigning with Bill Clinton, Beltway Boys, 2-10-07

Option C: "He's a long way from being President of the United States. I mean, he's wrong. I think that would just encourage those who want to completely destabilize and destroy Iraq and create chaos and a victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for and Obama victory. If I were running Al Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and pray as many times as possible not only for a victory for Obama but also for the Democrats." - Australian Prime Minister John Howard, from video clip aired on Hannity's America, 2-11-07

Option D: "We're electing a war president in 2008. If I can come back to Obama and Lincoln for just one second. Lincoln's 'House Divided' speech in 1858 was a speech saying we cannot live as a house divided on slavery and he implicitly says we'll have to fight a civil war if necessary on this...Obama's speech is a 'Can't we all get along?' speech, sort of the opposite of Lincoln. He would have been with Stephen Douglas in 1858." - Bill Kristol insinuating Barack Obama would have been pro-slavery, Fox News Sunday, 2-11-07

Option E: "Rachel, should we just kill all liberals? We should just kill all liberals." - Bill Shulz, Red Eye, 2-7-07

Option F: “She’s lucky he didn’t give her one of these clitorectomy things while he was there.” - Ann Coulter on Hillary Clinton at the DNC Winter Meeting where an Imam spoke, Hannity & Colmes, 2-7-07

Option G: "The online world and the newspaper world are trying to bring in fresh writers, bloggers out there. This obviously was submitted by a stoner in a communications program at a state college. It's the single stupidest thesis in a national paper I've ever heard. There hasn't been one image of violence in this war. It's been antiseptic." - Andrew Breitbart on the article by Stuart Elliot about the Super Bowl ads - "Super Bowl Ads of Cartoonish Violence Perhaps Reflecting Toll of War," Red Eye, 2-6-07