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FOX Guest: "Eventually, I learned the joys of killing ..."

Reported by Marie Therese - February 12, 2007 -

Pat Dollard is a self-described Hollywood liberal turned modern-day military hanger-on, a camp follower who is trying to expiate his hidden sins in a daily, adrenal-fueled blood-letting called the War in Iraq. He is a man who in his own words abandoned his wife and children so he could spend his time in the hot zones of the Arabian desert. "We must learn again to have a mature reverant respect for killing when it needs to be done," Dollard writes. "It is a key thing to teach our maturing children. The entire structure of the universe is entirely dependent on responsible killing. Killing, the right kind of killing, is good, a sacred responsibility - we need to become men again, to meet these responsibilities of manhood again, as a culture, and teach our children well about fighting and killing. We will have no life, no America, without them."

Before morphing into a modern-day Col. Kurtz, Dollard made millions as a Hollywood high-roller and Steven Soderbergh's agent, living a life of glamour, glitz and substance abuse, oncluding crystal meth. Raised in a very liberal, permissive home dominated by an alcoholic father, Dollard had an epiphany while embedded with the soldiers in Iraq. It would seem that he experienced a conversion the reverse of that experienced by Saul of Tarsus. Instead of hearing the voice of God telling him to stop the persecution and killing of others, Dollard's "god" instructed him to pick up a gun and blow away Iraqis.

"My first time in a combat zone, I felt like I had walked into some bizarre ultra-expensive movie set," Dollard told Evan Wright in the March 2007 issue of Vanity Fair. "I had this vivid clarity, like when I used to take LSD. I felt joy. I felt like I had a message from God. or whoever, that this is exactly what I should be doing with my life. I belong in war. I am a warrior."

From his website:

"I had about 15 employees, a wife, a daughter, and no one believed I was going to lock horns with Al Qaeda, especially because my only motivations were to keep more American civilians from dying, and to honor those who were already risking their lives for that very reason. Who does such a thing? But go I did, and like Kurtz, when I got back from the first three months, I sold the house, sold the kids, sold the car. Well, not the car. I love my H2. But I got out of the Hollywood agenting game, at a cost of about $10,000,000.00 in future income. And I had no savings. But I had to go back, to finish the work, to finish the story. There was nothing in the civilian world that provided the same sense of purpose. There was never a time when I felt like my life had much of a purpose, other than making money and indulging myself. Except for parenting. But some of us find jobs to be done that demand we not be home. I did."

Now that he worships at the altar of Death, Dollard has thoroughly and completely renounced the Christian ethos for a code of behavior far more in line with the Roman army of two thousand years ago.

He writes: "People used to criticize Reagan for being out of touch with the times and pining for a bygone era whose mores no longer fit the times. Well that torch has been passed - it has been passed to liberals who pine for the bygone era of the 70's and it's admirable, but childlike views of the world. We cannot live in a world that we arrogantly demand to be: we must live in the world that nature has actually given us. And a man unwilling to fight and kill is not a man. As I said, we must teach our children well. The era of the morally imbiguous anti-hero is over. The era of the hero is in, and not for trendy reasons, but reasons of survival, and protection of our children, our systems, our freedoms."

On the first page of his site, he wrote the words I used for the title of this piece - "Eventually, I learned the joys of killing ..."

Naturally, someone like Pat Dollard would be a natural for FOX News. Last Friday, February 2, 2007, he appeared for two segments on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, which allowed him to pound his message that anyone who doesn't support the war in Iraq is a spineless lowlife coward and traitor. He was alsohyping his pro-war documentary called Young Americans.

Gutfeld mentioned that Dollard was the producer of the 2002 film Auto Focus, directed by Paul Schrader about the life and untimely murder of Bob Crane, star of the sitcom Hogan's Heroes.

Stealing a page from Bill O'Reilly, Dollard siad that he was not happy with the Evan Wright article for Vanity Fair, claiming it was a "hit piece" deliberately slanted to demonize him because he strayed from the liberal fold.

Red Eye regular Rachel Marsden noted that in his documentary Dollard juxtaposes clips of American teenagers acting out scenes from "Jackass' with scenes of people serving in the war. Dollard responded that, yes, it was true and that the clips were edited and appear in the film with a song in the background whose lyrics include the words "All I see are MTV babies playing their little MTV games." In the interview he explained that he resents actor George Clooney, who called himself "brave" for protesting the war. "That's not the term to use for yourself in time of war when what you're citing as bravery is the fact that you've risked maybe a few milliion dollars out of your $25 million a year," Dollard said. "I don't have a beef with him speaking out against the President. He's entitled. Where I have a beef is people pointing at themselves and saying 'I'm brave that I spoke out against the President because I might have to fire a servant at my Italian villa.'"

When asked by panelist Bill Schulz about an assertion made in the Vanity Fiar article that he, Dollard, had robbed "the pharmacy for valium and distributing it to the troops and also doing lines with the troops," Dollard claimed it was "entirely untrue." When he tried to explain, Gutfeld and the other panelists began making jokes, asking him if he was responsible for the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Consequently, the viewers never heard his complete explanation.


Dollard cleaned up his act for this appearance on FOX News Channel. He dressed in civvies, not in fatigues. Oh, I forgot. He's not a real soldier, is he? Never enlisted. He can always go home whenever he feels like it.

Not so the real soldiers over there fighting and dying in an illegal war.

I went to Dollard's site and viewed a couple of the video clips for his documentary. In one of several examples of irony, a soldier mentioned that the mess tent kept getting hit at the same time every day. Clearly, the soldier was not aware that the reason the insurgents were able to bomb the tent every day at the same time was that KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, refused to offer 24-hour meal service to the soldiers. Instead KBR had a set time each day for meals, thereby making the soldiers sitting ducks. (For more on the corruption involved in the private contracts, go to Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers.)