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Enema of the Week - #3

Reported by Chrish - February 12, 2007 -

Your World host Neil Cavuto gets this week's award, for his repeated claims that things are much better in Iraq than the "liberal media" is reporting and his simultaneous failure to report these good news stories himself.

Melanie noted last weekthat Cavuto has been complaining about the lack of stories focused on the building of schools and hospitals that our soldiers are doing.

If the media did focus on these efforts and successes, though, many Americans would be wondering what the hell we're doing over there and not in New Orleans. These are soldiers who swore to defend us and their country, and they're being used in a giant reconstruction (or is it nation-building) effort. Does the administration really want to call attention to that? If they did, FOX would be obliging daily yet we find very little coverage of Iraq on FOX News.

Cavuto should also consider that the war coverage is grim and disturbing because war is grim and disturbing. As Melanie suggested, maybe if he wants uplifting anecdotes he should get his ass over there and do some real reporting himself instead of complaining about it. And perhaps our enema will help him do just that.

A gallon of prune juice to the runners-up at Red Eye, whose crappy sense of humor finds "killing liberals" amusing.