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Five for five - Dixie Chicks get support from their peers at Grammys

Reported by Chrish - February 11, 2007 -

After being ostracized, censored, ridiculed, and threatened over remarks lead singer Natalie Maines made prior to the invasion of Iraq, the Dixie Chicks came back with a defiant hit single, "Not Ready to Make Nice" on a rocking album, "Taking the Long Way". Tonight at the 49th annual Grammy Awards the group won all five awards for which they had been nominated: Country Performance by a Duo or Group, Best Country Album, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Before the album premiered Bill O'Reilly predicted that sales would be off from their earlier album "Home"'s 6x-platinum, which was a pretty easy prediction. There's no doubt that their country music "fans" left in droves as instructed by their Clear Channel masters, but appreciative music fans stayed around in numbers sufficient to make the album 2x platinum to date. And apparently their peers in the music industry appreciated their gutsy and principled stand and their incredible talent, bringing the three women to tears with the final recognition.

I've followed this story as a long-time (pre-Natalie) fan of the Dixie Chicks, and as someone who shared Maines' sentiments about the conduct of our government. The main conclusion I've reached after watching it all pan out is that some of the loudest chest-thumpers who proclaim America's superiority and laud our freedoms are, beneath it all, lemmings. They find security in numbers and bully by proxy, and when one lone tiny woman stands up and says this is wrong and he is wrong, they let the frenzy-whippers at the other end of the radio instruct their next moves. There's really no better example of what is wrong with media consolidation than this well-coordinated, top-down witch hunt.

Way to go ladies! You won more than trophies tonight!