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Disparities in Candidate Appearances on Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - February 10, 2007 -

In recent weeks, three declared candidates for president have appeared on Hannity & Colmes. Two Democrats, one Republican. Guess which one got preferential treatment?

Republican Rudy Giuliani has not formally declared his candidacy but the top story on Hannity & Colmes’ February 5, 2007 show was a double segment in which Giuliani said he was “as close as you’re gonna get” to declaring. Despite that non-declaration, a FOX News alert remained on the screen for much of the 18-minute interview telling viewers, “Rudy Giuliani says he’s running for president to win.” FOX News also helpfully displayed the web address for Giuliani’s presidential exploratory committee several times. YouTube video of his Hannity & Colmes appearance is here. In Part 1, the URL first appears at about 4:15 and appears several times during the rest of the interview.

Democratic candidate John Edwards appeared on Hannity & Colmes on January 23, 2007. His interview lasted a little more than 5 minutes and came on at approximately 49 minutes into the hour. His website, johnedwards.com, was not provided.

Last night, February 9, 2007, Democratic candidate Tom Vilsack appeared. His interview lasted approximately 4 minutes and came on at approximately 51 minutes into the hour. His website, tomvilsack08.com, was not provided.



It will be interesting to compare the treatment as we go forward.