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Special Report Gives Platform to Catholic League President Bill Donohue

Reported by Janie - February 9, 2007 -

Chris Wallace subbed for Brit Hume on Special Report last night (2/8), and used the "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") segment to spread the right wing talking points of Catholic League President Bill Donohue and malign 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate, John Edwards.

Wallace explained, "Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will keep 2 controversial bloggers on his payroll despite a firestorm of controversy over some of their past writings.

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights President Bill Donohue — has called Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, 'anti-Catholic, vulgar, trash-talking bigots.'

He cites the following posts:

Marcotte — 'The Catholic church is not about to let something like compassion for girls get in the way— of using the state as an instrument to force women to bear more tithing Catholics.'

And McEwan questioned what religious conservatives don't understand about, 'keeping your noses out of our britches, our beds and our families.'

But Senator Edwards said today while he's offended by those blogs he believes in giving everyone a fair shake. Both women apologized to anyone who was offended."

Wallace framed the story in a way that would please Donohue, by telling it from his perspective. Wallace mentions that Donohue calls the girls 'anti-Catholic, vulgar, trash-talking bigots,' and then quotes two of the stories Donohue points out.

Wallace gave no opposing view to Donohue's, and neglects to be "fair and balanced" by mentioning some of the "vulgar, trash-talking" bigotry that Donohue himself has spewed. Media Matters compiled a list of Donohue's own greatest hits, including:

"We've already won. Who really cares what Hollywood thinks? All these hacks come out there. Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It's not a secret, OK? And I'm not afraid to say it. ... Hollywood likes anal sex. They like to see the public square without nativity scenes. I like families. I like children. They like abortions."

"Well, look, there are people in Hollywood, not all of them, but there are some people who are nothing more than harlots. They will do anything for the buck. They wouldn't care. If you asked them to sodomize their own mother in a movie, they would do so, and they would do it with a smile on their face."

"Name for me a book publishing company in this country, particularly in New York, which would allow you to publish a book which would tell the truth about the gay death style."

"This same guy [Dean Hamer] came up with this idea of the gay gene. I remember when that conversation was going on. Gays were all of a sudden worrying if people would start aborting kids when they found out the DNA suggested the kid might be gay or God forbid, we'd run out of little gay kids, so all of a sudden, they became pro-life."

I guess you're only a bigot for calling others out on their bigotry.

The segment was nothing more than PR for Donohue, and did not leave viewers with a "fair and balanced" report.