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Fox's New Show "Red Eye" Jokes Twice About "Killing Liberals"

Reported by Janie - February 9, 2007 -

Fox's new late night show Red Eye, a Fox spin on The Daily Show, hosted by Greg Gutfeld (former video blogger for Fox News and one of the few conservative contributors at "Huffington Post") has had a prolific start, joking about "killing liberals" on two separate shows this week.

The "high-brow" comedy just doesn't stop! Thursday (2/8), after joking about how he "almost picked his nose on live TV," Gutfeld, along with his panel including Rachel Marsden and Bill Schulz, turned the topic to how to prosecute the War on Terror (with such perfect and appropriate transition!).

Marsden, normally marginalized, opened the segment, "Let's talk about the war on terror, and how we're going to prosecute that, because all the liberals want to prosecute it, and not deal with it militarily."

Bill Shultz: "Those damn liberals."

RM: "What about the prisoners at Gitmo? How about if we just avoid the whole death penalty debate, whether or not we should try them, and just kill them in the field? Because as for the Peace of Westphalia, we can do that."

Comment: This was delivered so deadpan, it's almost impossible to tell if she was joking, but I pray - for a vast many reasons, that she was.

1. She's assuming everyone in Gitmo is guilty and deserves to be killed, even though the US government released almost 1/3 of the prisoners from there last year because "they pose no threat to the United States." But let's kill 'em all anyway! Check out Marsden's "Compassionate Conservatism!"

2. "The Peace of Westphalia?" She's quoting treaties from the 1600s that ended the Thirty Years' War and the Eighty Years' War? This Marsden is a real hoot!

And the jokes just kept coming!

BS: "Rachel, should we just kill all liberals? We should just kill all liberals."

RM: "Hmmmm..."

BS: "I'm starting to drink your Kool Aid!" (laughter)

But that's not all folks! Ever wonder how a person could tie the death of Anna Nicole Smith to killing liberals? Well, the ever clever Marsden figured out just how to do that.

On Friday morning's show (2/9), Gutfeld, in an all Anna Nicole Smith/celebrity frenzy (minus the witty jokes and drawings of Nancy Pelosi, a plane and a duck) started the show:

GG: "Anna Nicole Smith is dead. She's dead. And you know who killed her? Rachel killed her."

RM: "Because she's a liberal? Is that why?"

Yep. The funniest show on TV - but for none of the reasons intended.

The video can be found here, and is titled "'Red Eye' debates whether use of death penalty should be expanded."