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Disparity in headlines reveals FOX's Bush-lovin' bias

Reported by Chrish - February 9, 2007 -

H/T to Bill in TN for catching this weblink at FOXNews.com:

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Bill took the time to cull this and we thank him:

Quiz: Four different media sources - which one sticks out like a sore thumb as being different from the others??
Fox News calls Inspector General's report "Intel Smear"

Fox News Website link:
Pentagon Fights Intel 'Smear'
Fox News Headline:
Pentagon Defends Pre-Iraq War Intelligence
CNN website link:
Pentagon report: Prewar intelligence manipulated
CNN Headline:
Inspector general: Pentagon manipulated prewar intel
CBS News:
CBS Website link:
Pentagon Watchdog Slams Prewar Intel
CBS Headline:
Pentagon Watchdog Slams Prewar Intel
Investigation Finds Efforts To Link Al Qaeda And Iraq Were Inappropriate — But Legal
ABC News:
ABC website link:
Defense Report Says Pentagon 'Manipulated' Pre-war Intelligence
ABC Headline:
Pentagon Investigation Concludes Some Prewar Intelligence Work Inappropriate but Legal

Now, FOX would have you believe that the rest of the outlets are showing far-left Bush-hating liberal bias and they're just reporting factually. That's why they resorted to discrediting the report right out of the gate by calling it a "smear."