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Gregg Jarrett On Senator Clinton: She Doesn't Have Racy Pictures Like Giuliani, Does This Mean She Has No Heart?

Reported by Donna - February 8, 2007 -

Today on Fox On Line with Gregg Jarret substituting for Bill Hemmer they had a segment on America's Mayor, Rudy Guiliani. Of course they called him America's Mayor several times in the segment.

But what was interesting and almost unbelievable was a statement made by Jarrett about Senator Hillary Clinton.

Apparently a book is coming out called 'Grand Illusion' that says that Guiliani mishanded anti-terror efforts during 9/11 that may have lost several hundred lives. The segment included Republican strategist, Paul Manafort and Don Baer, former White House Communications Director.

Jarrett asked if it was a bad idea for Democrats to adopt this level of criticism. (Comment: Like the Swift Boat Veterans didn't go too far?) Don Baer, the Democratic guest said he didn't think that Democrats would use this criticism.

Then it got strange. Jarrett talked about Harper's Bazaar having this really racy spread on Rudy Guiliani and his wife. (Fox showed a picture of her sitting in Giuliani's lap and kissing him) Jarrett said she was gushing about his sensitive side. Jarrett then said, "Now, juxtapose Hillary Clinton. I doubt we're going to see a similar spread with Bill. So, is that kind of problem for her? She's been described as, one Democrat described her as having a great intellect but no heart."

Baer, the Democratic guest, just came out and said that wasn't true. That he had known her for years and worked with her and that she had plenty of heart. He added that she cares deeply about this country. Jarrett asked if she communicated it. Baer said she did and called what Jarrett said "a lot of hogwash."

Comments: Only on Fox would they use racy pictures of Giuliani with his wife to attack Senator Hillary Clinton for not having any heart. Notice that he used the familiar, 'Bill' when speaking about the former president. He also acted like you had to have racy pictures to be a candidate who has heart. Unbelievable. Completely unprofessional for a supposed news network. And using the one Democrat said -- is that like some people say?

Maybe he should have touched on the fact that Giuliani took his wife (then mistress) into the Governor's mansion when he was still married to his former wife and his two children were also in the house.