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'Fox and Friends' Omits Key Facts in Phony Flag Flap

Reported by Judy - February 8, 2007 -

For three days, "Fox and Friends" has been pushing the story of a condo association telling a woman whose National Guard son is in Afghanistan to take down an American flag. Like the typical Fox News story, it's not as bad as it sounds. With video.

"Fox and Friends" co-hosts Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade began their crusade on Tuesday with a story about a condo association in Connecticut telling Teresa Richard that she cannot fly the American flag. They followed up Wednesday with an interview on set with Richard, who explained that her son always asks about the flag when he calls her from Afghanistan.

On Thursday (February 8, 2007), Doocy & Crew were at it again, this time with an interview with comedian Jackie Mason, who pledged to have his attorney fight for Richard.

All three days, the Doocy crew insisted that the condo association had told Richard that she could not fly the flag.

It makes a great story -- the kind that stimulates the blood of all those geriatric Fox News viewers.

But it turns out other people at Fox News actually bothered to do a little reporting and found out the flap is not about the flag, but the flag pole.

From FoxNews.com comes this news:

"Kevin Carson, president of the Stoughton Ridge Condominium Association, told FOXNews.com that the five-member board would allow Teresa Richard to keep her American flag and Blue Star Mothers of America flag flying outside of her condo, provided she moves the flagpole to a stony area near her driveway.

"'We're not hard-nosed; we were trying to work with her,' Carson said. 'And it's not about patriotism; it's only about where you put the flagpole.'

"Condo rules for this 60-unit complex north of Hartford, Conn., stipulate that flags can only be flown from front entries, wood trim or deck railings. The rule was passed in 2004 after two residents — Carson included — erected flagpoles near their driveways. Those poles were grandfathered into the rules.

"'Being a condo, you can't have people just putting flagpoles up willy-nilly about the property,' Carson said. 'It interferes with the mowing of the lawn, it's all contractual work and so forth, and there are underground utilities feeding the condos.' ...

"Carson said that the issue all along has been the flagpole and not the display of the flag.

"'The issue is not the flags; it was never the flags,' Carson said. 'It's the flagpole in the middle of the lawn.'"

Furthermore, according to FoxNews.com, the first flag Richard flew was so big that it almost touched the ground, which would be disrespectful to the flag.

So there is no rule against flying the flag. It's only an issue of where to fly it and whether to let the flag touch the ground. But that doesn't quite make the blood race with outrage in the same way.