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Bill O'Reilly's Attacks Houston Chronicle For Honoring Soldiers Killed In Iraq

Reported by Deborah - February 8, 2007 -

O'Reilly bashed the Houston Chronicle tonight for writing a moving article about the importance of honoring the soldiers killed in Iraq.. He also continued the attack on NBC and William Arkin for not honoring the soldiers fighting in Iraq. It looks like BOR's NBC obsession may be taking a psychological toll. 2/8/07

The Houston Chronicle article respectively suggested that we should be allowed to see the flag draped coffins returning from Iraq.

"The media try to keep the faces and names of the dead alive for the public. Some run extensive lists and photos of the dead on Memorial Day. Newspapers and television outlets regularly cover the latest deaths, particularly local casualties. The public has come to accept the fact that this war, like all wars, results in deaths.

But the Bush administration still refuses to allow coverage of returning flag-draped coffins, a ban imposed during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, on the grounds that they are ensuring that privacy and respect is given to families who have lost their loved ones.

Certainly, no family should have media coverage forced upon them, but many would consider it more respectful to see their soldier's final homecoming honored rather than hidden. And other Americans could see that image and stop for a moment, in their own safe living rooms, to offer their silent respect and gratitude to particular soldiers in particular coffins — real people, not just numbers in the latest tally of casualties."

O'Reilly found this suspicious claiming a cynic might ask if seeing coffins would lead to respect or add emotion pointing out that the Houston Chronicle has been against the war from the start.
Then he said, " An honest reporter would ask what the paper has done to support veterans organizations?" It seems he was that " honest reporter " announcing that Naomi Engle at the Houston Chronicle said " not much".

Then he covered himself. Using a sickenly sly tone, he commented that there's no way to know if they were calling for more respect or " using the deaths to hammer the war."

Then the Arkinitis took hold and Bill traded slick for mean. Ken Allard appeared to bolster O'Reilly case against NBC but he wasn't much help. In fact, Allard didn't bad mouth the network at all and refused to bare fangs and rip Arkin apart. After criticizing his comments, he commented that Arkin was left of center and shaped by serving during the 1970's. O'Reilly wanted to know how NBC could let Arkin appear and Allard told him that NBC likes diverse points of view. When O'Reilly asked him why he left NBC, Allard simply replied that he had a stroke.

comment: An honest reporter might ask O'Reilly if this is all about Arkin or more connected to some recent attention he's recieved from MSNBC. As Bill said tonight, there's just no way to know for sure.