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O'Reilly Engulfs Obama With Cloud Of Racial Confusion

Reported by Deborah - February 7, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly claimed tonight, 2/7/07, that Barack Obama's poll numbers have been falling partly because there's a racial divide and because people are confused about the divide, they disengage from Obama. This convenient conclusion was reached through the typically distorted O'Reilly reasoning process and then delivered with the utmost authority as an absolute truth.

O'Reilly stated that a Rasmusson Poll on January 17th put Obama and Clinton tied but two weeks later Clinton was up 14 points.Of course, Bill knew exactly how it happened claiming that Obama didn't "seize the day" getting his message out to to the folks complaining that Obama avoided The Factor.

The second problem, he stated, was " word controversies". First he showed Biden making the "clean and articulate" comment which he said " unsettled a lot of people". O'Reilly said calling Obama "clean" was like calling himself, an Irishman, " sober".

Then he showed a clip of Cavuto asking Bush, " What do you think our troops would think of President Obama?" Bush responded to Cavuto's loaded question by calling Obama " attractive and articulate." O'Reilly claimed he was surprised when African-Americans called the next day complaining that calling Obama articulate was condescending.

So Bill-O reasoned that white Americans wouldn't understand why "articulate" was insulting which is evidence of a racial divide. " Whites feel uneasy because they don't want to offend blacks and confused by the divide so they disengage." As if that werm't enough he added this was a " setback for racial harmony"

comment: O'Reilly probably thinks his disgraceful rhetoric will get Obama to come on his show. When he was all upset that Oprah ignored him, he attacked her on The Factor and somehow got his invitation. Tonight's distorted attack on Obama was blatantly racist and the only reason Obama should come on The Factor would be to demand a public apology.