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Olbermann Segment Pressures Group to Drop O'Reilly

Reported by Judy - February 7, 2007 -

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Tuesday (February 6, 2007) used a segment of his "Countdown" program to pressure a group to drop Fox News' Bill O'Reilly as its keynote speaker next month because of O'Reilly's remarks that a boy kidnapped at the age of 11 enjoyed being held captive for four years. With video.

Olbermann, a former Fox News employee, interviewed Catherine Crier, another former Fox News employee and now a Court TV anchor, about O'Reilly's comments concerning Shawn Hornbeck.

O'Reilly has said that Hornbeck had more "fun" as a captive of Michael Devlin because he did not have to go to school and that he "liked" being held by Devlin. Despite O'Reilly's comments, a local chapter of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has not withdrawn its invitation to have O'Reilly give the keynote address at its March 9 gala at the Ritz Carlson in Naples, Florida.

Olbermann introduced the segment with the word "Disgrace" superimposed over a photo of Bill-O.

Crier agreed that comments such as those made by O'Reilly constituted "malicious ignorance" and said the organization should reject O'Reilly as its speaker. She called it "ludicrous" that the child wanted to be there.

Olbermann also noted that after his earlier remarks, O'Reilly had said that Devlin's defense against 69 charges of sodomy may be that Hornbeck participated "willingly." But Crier pointed out that as an underage minor, Hornbeck could not legally consent to a sex act and his alleged willingness to participate was irrelevant.

Yet another instance when facts failed to get in the way of O'Reilly's opinions.