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Another Anti-Muslim Extremist Presented As Mainstream On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - February 7, 2007 -

For at least a week, Hannity & Colmes viewers have been subjected to an almost nightly diet of anti-Muslim extremists presented as mainstream pundits. Monday night (2/5/07), it was Daniel Pipes (who re-appeared last night as a victim of liberal bashing at a university, a trifecta of FOX’s fave topics). Last night (2/6/07), it was Brigitte Gabriel, a torture advocate, who did her best to whip up as much hatred and loathing against Muslims as she could manage in a few minutes, even though it meant contradicting herself. There was no balancing guest. With video.

First, Gabriel ranted against the Saudis, claiming that the Saudi government “spent over 70 billion dollars to spread their hate ideology all throughout the world.” But when Alan Colmes asked why the US is so friendly to the Saudis and whether we should “re-evaluate,” Gabriel changed her tune.

“It is absolutely mind-boggling, our friendship with the Saudis,” she agreed. But, she later said, “In dealing with the two evils (in Saudi Arabia), the Royal Family is the lesser of two evils.” Then she quickly changed the subject to demonizing Palestinians. However, in her later discussion with Sean Hannity, Gabriel made it seem as though there was no such thing as a lesser evil when dealing with Islam.

Hannity used his soft, Hanctimonious voice, the one he uses with simpatico guests, before launching into his bigoted tirade. “What’s really sick about this is how they are brainwashing, hypnotizing, indoctrinating these young children.” That may be true but there was no context, no explanation for such behavior, other than the not-so-implicit message that Muslims are just pure evil. With a guest like Gabriel, that message was guaranteed by “We report, you decide” FOX News.

Hannity continued, “One of the most sickening things, you notice that the people that are pushing martyrdom and jihad – they never go to martyrdom themselves. You know, they talk, ‘well, he died happy.’ They haven’t done this themselves. It’s as sick as anything I’ve ever seen.” That’s pretty ironic, coming from Hannity – who never served when he had the chance but who tirelessly promotes a new war with Iran. Perhaps because he is such a chickenhawk, himself, Hannity never considered the possibility that Islamic jihadists who practiced what they preached might not be around to prove it to him.

“The Koran teaches this stuff,” Gabriel said, just in case the FOX viewers’ hatred hadn’t been whipped up enough. “Arabs raise their children to hate from their mothers’ milk,” she continued. “This is how the culture operates… We just have to come to grips with what Islam teaches.”

“How dominant is the radical view in your view?” Hannity asked, almost surely knowing what her answer would be.

“If you read the Koran, itself, you will think you are reading a radical documentary,” Gabriel told him. “The difference between radical and moderate is, basically, something made up as a concoction of western minds. If you talk to anybody who comes from the Middle East, who was raised in the Middle East, there is no difference. Islam is Islam… And we just need to accept this reality.”

The bloodlust was just under the surface as Hannity pretended he was “just asking” Gabriel: “Then you’re basically describing a scenario where there’s gonna be a battle of civilizations… This is gonna be on a more massive scale than anybody’s predicting.”

“Exactly and this is exactly what (sic) we’re heading,” Gabriel said. “This is Islam that is awakening from years of slumbers to declare war on the infidels and this is what we are seeing.”

As the segment closed, Alan Colmes asked what percentage of the billions of Muslims in the world are radicals. Despite the fact that she had just said there was no such thing as a moderate Muslim, Gabriel now told Colmes that 15-25% were radicals and 75% were moderates. Her latest story was that the moderates were “irrelevant because you don’t hear their voices.”