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TX Governor Rick Perry under fire from just about everyone for mandatory vaccinations

Reported by Chrish - February 6, 2007 -

Colleen Parro, Director of the Republican Coalition for Life, was a guest on The Big Story today 2/6/07 to discuss Texas Governor Rick Perry's executive order that mandates HPV vaccinations for 6th grade school girls. The really big story is that this adamantly pro-choice News Hound agrees with Ms. Parro 100% on this one - does that make her an S-P or me a traditionalist?

If you haven't heard, Perry signed an executive order that bypassed the legislature's input and neuters groups that object to the mandate, including religious conservatives, parents' rights groups, and personal choice advocates.

Perry notes that there is an opt-out clause for parents and says emotionally to the camera "I refuse to look a young woman in the eye who suffers from this form of cancer and tell her that we coulda stopped it - but we didn't."

Gibson said that not only are parents outraged at forced vaccinations, but Perry's fellow Republicans are "throwing him under the bus, for caving in to" the vaccine manufacturer Merck. Gibson wonders if it is all about money.

Parro claims Perry has usurped the rights of parents, trampled the legislature, abolished the seperation of power, and she hopes he has the good sense to withdraw his executive order. If he doesn't, the legislature may overturn it and as a last resort, there are lawsuits in the works. There is widespread opposition and more is anticipated; there have already been 82 "adverse events" reported to the CDC about the vaccination.

She makes one point on which she should be challenged: the governor has mandated these vaccines but assumes no responsibility for any adverse effects that may (statistically will) happen. That's true, but schoolchildren receive a whole list of mandatory vaccines before they can be admitted to public schools, and the state assumes no responsibility when some children are vaccine-injured. Parents have to sign a disclaimer for all those vaccines, absolving the doctor and the pharmaceutical company.

Two of Perry's former chiefs of staff currently work for Merck, and the mother of one of them is involved in lobbying for this, says Gibson. Has Perry just caved in for Merck? Parro declines to guess his motives, but she clarifies the facts that his former c-o-s is being paid $250,000 by Merck to lobby for this, a Texas state legislator (Diane White Delisi) is pushing for it and working with Merck, and her daughter-in-law is the current chief of staff.

This stinks of more Republican cronyism. Good for Gibson for reporting it. Now if he and she could only see that we're all not so far apart - personal choice and health decisions of all kinds should be respected and left out of the government's dirty little hands. How many anti-choice donors put the executive-order signer in the White House?