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O'Reilly, Giuliani's Reported Hannity Deal Merit Worst Persons

Reported by Judy - February 6, 2007 -

Fox News managed to be mentioned in two of the three spots in Keith Olbermann's daily derby for worst persons in the world on Tuesday (February 6, 2007). With video.

Technically, it was not Fox Noise, er News, that won the bronze, but rather Rudy Giuliani. But the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination won because of something involving Fox News.

Olbermann noted that a website, fishbowlny, reported that Giuliani agreed to announce his candidacy on Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes" on Monday, but only if Alan Colmes was barred from asking him any questions. Olbermann then made an unkind remark about Colmes, suggesting it would be hard to tell if Colmes were barred from participating in the interview.

O'Reilly, aka Bill Orally, came in second for a rant against the Washington Post, NBC, and General Electric for an anti-war column in the newspaper.

But top honors went to Cliff Kincaide of the right-wing Accuracy in Media for claiming the media went easy on Sen. Joe Biden after his remark about Sen. Barack Obama being "clean" and bright and articulate and that if a Republican had said such a thing he or she would be labeled a racist. Olbermann pointed out that George Bush made similar comments about Obama the same day as Biden and wondered if Kincaide meant Bush should be labeled a racist.