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New Fox Latino Reporter Helps Its Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Reported by Judy - February 6, 2007 -

"Fox and Friends" showed off a new reporter Tuesday (February 6, 2007), introducing Kris Gutierrez for a story from El Paso, Texas, on one of Fox News' favorite topics -- illegal immigration and security along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Gutierrez filed a competent story about proposals to build a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border, with brief snippets of interviews with a mayor who opposes the fence and a "border ranger" who supports it.

Gutierrez was proud enough of his first story for Fox News to say hello to his parents. Would he be proud of working for Fox News if he had seen the rest of the "Fox and Friends" program?

The report on the fence, although adequate by itself, was sandwiched in with six other segments or promos regarding illegal immigration -- specifically by Latinos -- during the two-hour show. Getting special attention was a promotion by Desert Schools Credit Union in Phoenix, Arizona, to market savings accounts to immigrants, regardless of whether they are in the U.S. legally or illegally.

In a "fair and balanced" discussion of the proposal, co-host Steve Doocy said he had a "problem" with the credit union making the offer.

"Fox and Friends" repeated the question of the day once and then later took calls from viewers, all of whom criticized the idea. One called it fraud, another compared it to bank robbery, and a third said it proves some businesses will sell Americans out for a buck.

After that fair and balanced debate, it was on to another popular "Fox and Friends" issue -- the right of police officers to shoot people who look like illegal immigrants. A promo and a segment dealt with a Texas deputy sheriff convicted of shooting at a car with illegal immigrants.

Each morning, "Fox and Friends" serves up a big helping of such anti-immigrant fare. Now they'll have Gutierrez on board to help them feed the biases of Fox News' viewers.

That should make his parents proud.