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Jim Webb Hits a Home Run on FOX News Sunday

Reported by Marie Therese - February 6, 2007 -

Wow! Where has Jim Webb been all these years? The former Republican Secretary of the Navy, who won a squeaker in Virginia last November against Senator George "Macaca" Allen, made his first appearance on FOX News Sunday (February 4, 2007). With a demeanor born of years of service in the military, Webb refused to allow himself to be distracted or intimidated by host Chris Wallace's questions. For his part, Wallace dragged out the same old tired Republican talking points and was clearly under orders to stick to the script set forth by the FOX News management. This interview has gotten very little attention on FOX, probably because Webb - should he decide to make a bid for the Presidency - would be a formidable addition to an already stellar line-up of Democratic candidates. You can find the transcript at FOXNews.com. There's also a video posted at FOX but - and this is a first - it wouldn't work for me on either Safari or Firefox. Maybe you'll have better luck!