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FOX News Promotes Rudy Giuliani's Candidacy

Reported by Ellen - February 6, 2007 -

Rudy Giuliani was the much-ballyhooed guest for an 18-minute interview with Sean Hannity on Hannity & Colmes last night (2/5/07). FOX News made a big deal out of the fact that, as FOXNews.com said, Giuliani “came one step closer to running for the presidency.” During the interview, the screen said “ALERT(.) RUDY GIULIANI SAYS HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT TO WIN,” suggesting that he might have run for some other purpose.

Or maybe Rudy only wants to be president of part of America. At a time when the Republican Party is not exactly in good standing with the public, Giuliani chose to ignore Alan Colmes, the Democratic co-host, and to speak with Sean Hannity, only.

Despite the chyron, Giuliani told Hannity “We still have to formally announce,” but, he said, “This is about as close as you’re gonna get.” Whatever that means.

“Are you in it to win it?” Hannity asked, underscoring the possibility that maybe Giuliani isn’t.

FOX News went the extra mile to help boost Giuliani's campaign. “Joinrudy2008.com” appeared helpfully under his name while he spoke. By contrast, “2008 Presidential Candidate” was all that appeared under candidate John Edwards’ name during his recent Hannity & Colmes appearance.

Sean Hannnity, who could not seem to get enough of Bill Clinton’s marital infidelities showed no interest in Giuliani’s. Nor did Hannity bring up any questions about Giuliani’s real role in 9/11 which many New Yorkers (I’m a former New Yorker) have challenged. For example, author Wayne Barrett, a senior editor at New York’s Village Voice, has said, “After the 9/11 attacks, Giuliani said all the right things—he hit a chord with Americans when the president disappeared… The problem is that he did a lot of wrong things [too]—mostly prior to that day, some even on that day, and many after that day, as the respiratory cases related to 9/11 are showing.”

After the break, Hannity said, "A FOX News alert, a Hannity & Colmes exclusive. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani just announced he's running for president to win."

You can watch the interview on the Hannity & Colmes website.